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  Welcome to the Global Aircraft Consulting website. Understanding aviation and how it can positively affect your business can be a perplexing, time consuming and costly task if you don’t proceed in a fashion that is proven to succeed. Take a moment to look at the video below to witness the incredible amount of aircraft that operate every day just across the North Atlantic and Europe. If the flow of traffic weren’t well planned and coordinated, I couldn’t imagine the chaos that would threaten the safety of our transportation system. Just as complex as the aviation transportation system that covers our world, purchasing an aircraft, incorporating it into your business and turning it into the time machine that you have invested in can be complex and costly if not done correctly. My name is Russ Bird, president and founder of Global Aircraft Consulting. It would be an honor to navigate through the uncertainty and costly adventure of establishing a flight department for you or your company. Please spend some time looking at the services we provide and call me to discuss the possibilities of obtaining your very own time machine. Thank you!