How I enjoy helping others!

legacy_500  This year marks my 50th year in aviation. 33 years were spent with American Airlines and the other portion flying corporate jets. Through the years, I have learned so much, yet every day I am excited to learn something new and just simply, fly. At this point in my career, being retired from American Airlines, I have just arrived at enjoying flying and teaching others to do the same. With the completion of the Embraer Legacy 500 School and having delivered almost delivered 15 Embraer Phenom 100/300 aircraft, I decided to make a bold move.

  As a full service company with a focus on Embraer Phenom 100, Phenom 300 and Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 aircraft, I not only assist with the acquisition process and delivery of the aircraft to it’s new home, but what I really enjoy is the opportunity once delivered to continue to work with the buyer to introduce the new acquisition and solve problems and answer questions that may occur as they get to know their new aircraft. I fly and mentor pilots, council the flight departments on the best way to operate their aircraft and spend as much time with owners as is needed to help them realize that they have made the right choice.

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