Information you can trust!

flight_controls  Almost two month have past in a whirlwind of deliveries and flying associated with the new owner/operators. I’ve had a group of Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 pilots that I trust to help fill the seats and not only act as copilots but to share their wealth of information with the new pilots. There are procedures and techniques in flying that are taught at the basic level, in courses during formal training and learning to fly in general. There are also golden nuggets of information you learn and pick up on from those who have a willingness to help and the experience to share. I, and all those associated with Global Aircraft Consulting, strive to provide you and your copilots to know and understand your Embraer aircraft and abilities. That is why we are proud of our motto, “Information you can trust.”
  If you really want to get to know your aircraft, thinking about selling it or purchasing another, contact us to see what we can do for you!
  The Legacy 500 flying after the delivery was amazing. Incredible beautiful aircraft!  Here are some pictures from the last several weeks.
Rockport, TX
Rockport, TX
Pittsburg, PA

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