Working Hard

5733421352_work_in_progressBig things are happening here. I can’t quite let the cat out of the bag, but I have been working hard with some industry experts to deliver a great product. A product that should help standardize some of the protocols used in the flight industy for business and personal aircraft travel.  It’s amazing to meet and work with some of the best in our industry. I thank God that I am able to fly for a living and help others along the way. Talking about faith, on a personal note, I will be at the Ravi Zacharias convention in Orlando, FL. If you are planning to attend let me know. It’s always fun to meet others in Christ at conventions such as this.


Again, I am excited to disclose some of my most recent workings and provide you with some great information you can trust, but not yet. I have a lof of work to finish first!

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