NBAA 2015

nbaa2015-main-promo  Another year has passed since the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) conference has taken place. This year the location is in Las Vegas! It’s an exciting time of year for anyone that has anything to do with business aviation not only in the United States of America but around the world. It is not surprising to see people from all countries at this conference.

  The conference is broken up into two different locations, the conference hall and the live static display at an airport close to the city. The conference hall is inundated with everything from small booths which house the small companies that have something to present to the aviation community to the big manufactures that have a mockup aircraft displayed that customers can climb inside and actually see the actual size of some of the new aircraft that are available.  There are even smaller aircraft that actually fly displayed in the facility.  Every service from engine overhaul companies to fueling companies to insurance companies are represented.  The static display of real aircraft will be located at an airport just south of Las Vegas called Henderson Executive airport.  Such names as Embraer Aircraft Corporation, Bombardier Aerospace, Dassault Falcon Jet, Gulfstream Aerospace and Textron Aviation will be present.  Numerous Aircraft sales companies will also be represented with special aircraft that they have actually flown out to the event to sell. The manufactures will have not only their new line of business jets displayed but also the existing line of aircraft that are available.  Millions of dollars will be transferred from owner to manufacturer as the sales start to happen.

  I am excited about this event each year because it allows me to become familiar with all of the new products that have been developed since the previous year but also allows me to see individuals that I have known for a very long time.  My focus, of course, are the embraer products.  I have two clients that will be at the show this year that are very close to making a decision on which aircraft they want to buy. They will be able to get inside of the Embraer Phenom 100, Embraer Phenom 300, and the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 products.  They will be able to sit in the cabin and the flight deck and get a true feel of what the interior has to offer.  Embraer Aircraft Corporation will have the following line up of aircraft in 2015 at the NBAA static display. The Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Legacy 450, Legacy 500, Legacy 650 and the Lineage 1000 will be displayed.

  Hopefully you will be able to join me at the event.  Please if you are there give me a call at any time!  817.946.0012

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