Traveling to Brazil for an Embraer 300 Delivery!

embraer_phenom_300_ex_pic_tcm87-3840  As president and owner of Global Aircraft Consulting, it’s my pleasure to announce that I have been asked by another company to assist with a new April 2016 delivery of an Embraer Phenom 300! What an honor it is to be a part of the team in this process.

  Embraer has produced over 300 Phenom 300’s to date which confirms the quality and ability of this jet. My first experience with deliveries took place in 2009. All deliveries at that time took place at the facility in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. Embraer has since opened a beautiful facility in Melbourne, Florida. Most all of the USA deliveries for the Phenom 100 and 300 take place at this facility. A new structure is also being developed in Melbourne to manufacture the beautiful Legacy 450 and 500. The actual startup date for the Legacy deliveries out of Melbourne, I believe, has not been announced but this is a very exciting addition to the Melbourne facility!

  I have been to Sao Jose dos Campos many times in the past to assist in these deliveries. Each one is different but not so much that we have to reinvent the wheel each time we go. The Embraer delivery customer service specialist and the delivery engineer are the heartbeat of the delivery. Generally a flight department representative such as the chief pilot, manager of the flight department or the owner goes along with me to witness the delivery. The process generally takes 3 days. It’s a fun and exciting process. I won’t go into the detailed processes of the delivery (maybe in another article) but I will say that there are a lot of preparation and planning that needs to be orchestrated prior to starting the journey. If you have experienced the excitement of taking delivery of a brand new vehicle, you know the thrill that you feel as you drive away in your new car. This is the same feeling that we have when we start the engines and begin the journey back to the USA or other country that is mandated in the delivery.

  On this delivery, I plan on providing pictures of the process. I have to be very discreet with the information however because the privacy and anonymity of the new owner and the Embraer proprietary process is of upmost importance. You can expect pictures of Brazil, possibly photos of the hanger facility, maybe some pictures of the test flight and our journey back home when we officially are turned over the keys to the jet. Stay tuned!

Thank you,
Russ Bird
President of Global Aircraft Consulting

PS: For those of you that may be planning a trip to a foreign country, some instructions on how to prepare for your trip are included. Some countries are more dangerous that others but maybe this information may help. I did not write this information so I am not responsible for the content but it may be helpful to some of you out there. I hope you find the instructions helpful. Take care!

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