Russell Bird, President of Global Aircraft Consulting, has been in the private and commercial aircraft industry for 40+ years. He is extremely proud of the fact that his company’s reputation within the industry is one of honesty, integrity and superb service. He states: “We are successful because we have surrounded our company with a network of relationships that are honorable, trustworthy, and have an extreme desire to serve. It’s all about the reputation you acquire over the years. The most important aspect of any relationship is respect. We treat every customer with the upmost honor and respect taking every relationship personal. Our mission statement proudly states, Information You can Trust!”

  Russell Bird obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology with a minor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston in 1973. He worked at various business aircraft companies while attending high school and college and continued his education by focusing on advanced courses in business administration. Mr. Bird joined American Airlines in 1978 and started his career on the B-707 and has had the opportunity to fly numerous aircraft with American Airlines. He is currently a Captain on a Boeing 777 and has flown to international destinations that include the Far East, Europe, the Middle East, Singapore and numerous points south of the equator. Mr. Bird has flown as a Captain for American Airlines since 1988. Russell Bird is involved with his community, church and family and strives to live his life in a serving and caring fashion without emphasis on his own personal interest. He takes great pride in living life with honor and integrity and fashions not only his life, but also his business around these principals. He is extremely focused, detail oriented and adamant about goal completion.

Aviation Background and Business Development

  Mr. Bird has more than 40 years experience in a variety of positions in the aviation industry. He has flown the last 33 years in the airline industry but has maintained a very close relationship with his business aviation counterparts. about_pillarsMr. Bird has attended aviation conferences around the world and is very aware of the business aircraft market. He has business associates strategically located around the globe that are valuable sources for market analysis and provide an insight to the heartbeat of not only the public but the private transportation industry. Mr. Bird developed Global Aircraft Consulting, LLC in 2005 with the intention of providing consulting services on a global scale. His vision is to provide private and commercial services to about pillars companies around the world by combining the proven principals of  entrepreneurship with his personal principals of life. Mr. Bird expanded Global Aircraft Consulting to include an office in Tokyo, Japan and is planning further expansion in Brazil and Argentina. His clientele include companies and private individuals from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America.

Pilot Experience, Organizations and Awards

Mr. Bird holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating, has seven jet type ratings and has logged more than 20,000 flight hours. He has spent the last 15 years flying the MD-11 and the B-777 to all parts of the world. He is currently flying high performance gliders and light reciprocating aircraft to stay in tune with what flying was meant to be. Mr. Bird is active sponsor and participant in the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). He is a member of the Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas.