Flight Department & Design

 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

 How will you run your flight department? What are the procedures that the pilots are expected to follow on a day to day basis? GAC can help you develop a procedural package that will keep you safe and operational in all types of conditions.


Flight Scheduling

Let’s go flying! But what are the procedures to insure that the trip will run smoothly. Global Aircraft Consulting can show you proven methods to insure an accurate and safe process for scheduling your flights.


Aircraft Management Services

The management of an aircraft is an interesting process. There are a number of items to monitor. Scheduling is always a factor. Maintenance is super important! Databases updates, cleaning, stocking aircraft with items that the owner specifically likes, and the list continues on. These are items that someone needs to monitor and accomplish. The new owners especially need someone to step in and help. Global Aircraft Consulting is totally aware and able to accommodate the management needs for your  aircraft. We have monitored and managed aircraft for a number of years and would love to take care of your aircraft with the same attention to detail. The management process is much more effective for a locally owned aircraft but we also can accommodate long distance management until you have found a suitable management team.


Design and Management

  It’s estimated by industry specialist that the cost to put together a flight department can cost over $100,000 in initial expense. Once the aircraft has been purchased, Global Aircraft Consulting is ready to help with flight department design and an introduction and orientation of the aircraft to the owner and employees that will be using it. We can actually start prior to delivery especially for the first time buyer because they may or may not have a flight department established. GAC will help in all facets of the transition. We will help with choosing a home base for the aircraft which could include choosing a safe and convenient airport with a suitable Fixed Base Operation (FBO) to operate out of. Typically the FBO will have a hanger to store the aircraft. Is the hanger suitable to house the aircraft? Is the service from the FBO top notch? Typically most of this is taken care of by the chief pilot. But do you have one? As a new owner, you most likely do not have the personal in place to keep track of everything that you need to get started in the flight department business. We will be happy to look at all the details for you. It’s truly not that hard to do if you know how to do it. The biggest challenge is finding a pilot to manage the department. A person with knowledge on how to structure the foundation, so that you are set up for success in the very beginning, is hard to find. We have been in the business for over 45 years and have seen great methods and some not so great methods to accomplish the safe final product that you need for a successful well managed department.