Pilot Training, Mentor, Contract Services

Contract Pilot Services

Global Aircraft Consulting is proud to be able to provide pilot services from the time that the aircraft is presented to the owner to the time that the owner finds the perfect pilot for their operations. A pilot must not only be a good pilot but must have a serving heart. Personality is incredible important to the operation. GAC can help provide your flight department with the perfect fit.


Mentoring Program

A mentoring program is in place for the flight departments that have either a professional pilot that needs someone to just ride along for a few trips or for the owner operator that needs more than just a few flights. GAC have flown with the owner operators that have never flown a jet before to the professional pilot that is just transitioning to another jet. Both instances require special attention. If Russ Bird is unable to be with the client due to scheduling problems then a trusted pilot with excellent qualifications can be provided.


Pilot Mentor/Services

Global Aircraft Consulting has been providing contract Pilot services since 2009. Our main focus is of course the Embraer Phenom 100 or 300 product. Russ Bird started his flying career in 1965 and has accumulated over 22,000 hours in aircraft types ranging from sailplanes to Boeing 777. An instructor license was first obtained in 1968 and various numbers of students were taught and mentored over the years since then. Professional training was obtained during the 33 years service with a US major air carrier in state of the art equipment in aircraft ranging from B707, B727, MD80, MD11 and B777. During that time, special training was received in safety concepts, cockpit resource management and proven methods and techniques of safety that were proven from in depth studies of accidents and incidents from the past. The philosophy attained from this training has been practiced in the past and will be practiced in the future.