Aircraft Brokerage Services


Francis Bacon stated that “Knowledge is Power”. We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Bacon! He died in 1626 but his philosophy lives on. Knowledge is attained by asking the right questions, study, research and the capability to analyze the information attained by the effort. Global Aircraft Consulting is proud to be able to provide not only the answers but the appropriate questions to your aircraft needs. GAC will find the perfect fit for your flight department that will meet your budget and mission.


Acquisition Process

The acquisition process can be a nightmare if not done correctly. The process has to begin in the right sequence to end in success. GAC can help with both aircraft sales and acquisition. The most important criteria for the GAC staff is to provide the owner with an aircraft that meets their budget and is able to do the mission required.


Aircraft Sales & Acquisition

  Knowing which aircraft to purchase requires specialized knowledge and experience of the market and its trends. Global Aircraft Consulting can help streamline this process and provide you with an unbiased practical solution to your travel needs. It’s so important to perform accurate research when choosing an aircraft. You need someone to investigate not only the seating capacity and range of an aircraft but the takeoff and landing performance. I have seen instances where the proud owner purchases an aircraft only to find that performance wise, he or she has made a mistake. Global Aircraft Consulting looks at a purchase from an engineering standpoint. The data is there, provided by the manufacturer and should be used during the initial research. It takes a qualified and knowledgeable agent to look at these details and accurately decipher whether it meets the needs of the potential buyer. We use our knowledge, experience, and accurate research to find the right aircraft for you.