Phenom Delivery Specialist

Test Flights

 The first day of the acquisition process is started with a briefing by the Embraer test pilot and then a test flight performed by the GAC pilot. This is a critical phase of the process to insure the aircraft operates correctly. Russ Bird or his extremely qualified associate will personally fly the aircraft along with the Embraer representative. All systems are tested to insure that not only the aircraft is mechanically safe but everything on board works as advertised.


Inspection Services

After the test flight, GAC will perform an extremely detailed inspection. Exterior access panels and doors, control services, engine cowlings and aircraft paint detail along with interior items are checked to make sure everything works and looks perfect.  Problems will be found! Once these problems are identified, they are numbered, recorded by Embraer representatives the work begins on making your aircraft perfect. We would like to think that every aircraft is perfect once it comes off the assembly line and typically it is but our job is to insure that it is. Your best insurance is to hire a representative not associated with the manufacturer to personally inspect your aircraft!


Acquisition Services

  Global Aircraft Consulting has been involved with Embraer’s Executive fleet since inception. We specialize in helping owners take delivery of their newly acquired aircraft from the beginning to the end. We research the needs of the owner and determine exactly what the planned mission is and then recommend an aircraft. We stand along side the client from months before the decision of which aircraft to buy, help with negotiations, contract signing, test flights, and interior/exterior inspections and the final process of the closing process. There are a timeline of events that must take place prior to the acquisition to insure a smooth transition of ownership. GAC has developed proprietary checklist that enables us to perform a detailed and accurate inspection with nothing left out. We can’t guarantee that there won’t be problems that could cause a delay in ownership but we can guarantee that the process will make sense and if there is an unforeseen delay that it will generally be in the best interest of the new owner!